Have you ever sat down with thoughts in your mind and don’t know what they are?

Stuck quietly in a gaze deep and far.
Unable to explain exactly how you feel
As if you’ve lost touch with what’s fake and what’s real

When you’re hurt it feels good and when you feel good it hurts
when you really think about, it sounds absurd.

Despite the absurdity, that’s how I really, truly feel,
I feel like my mind is over crowded headed for overkill.

Sometimes I feel several emotions all at once
Not knowing which ones to keep and which ones to plunge.

At times I feel so alone in this head of mine, like no one feels the same way that I do,
questioning my sanity continuously as if my mind is askew.

Do we even know if we are awake or asleep?
Can we decipher an illusion from what we really believe?
I feel all these things but really I don’t know what it all means

I depend on these emotions, maybe it’s time to be weaned
Live and let go is the best route to take,
Empty my mind and free my spirit to relieve this heartache.


Lacey C Riley


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