My Thoughts While Inside a South Carolina Prison


Hey folks, since I’ve been mentioning the fact that I’ve been in prison, I’ve decided to share somethings that I went through in prison. This particular blog is an excerpt from one of my journals that I just recently found buried in some old shoe boxes.

Journal thoughts:

It’s amazing how things you think you don’t care about actually mean something to you. The outer shell that you’ve handmade cannot withstand reality. The outer shell is not deeply embedded like what’s you deep inside you. When you pour out your feelings to someone or something, don’t always expect something back or don’t expect that you will get back what you want. Never trust anyone that much. We are all humans and half the time we can’t even trust ourselves. We have a hard time trusting our own judgement, our own feelings, thoughts, and actions. Take precaution when opening your heart. Only open it when absolutely necessary. Don’t misunderstand me; when a person opens their heart, it’s not always about love. It can relate to friendship etc. Even still, take precaution because that too can backfire. Another point that needs to be made is the fact that no one is really “REAL”. Everyone at one point or another “ACTS” like this or that. So if one is “ACTING”, why take to heart their actions? I have to live by those thoughts in order to make it through life peacefully and to be able to endure less hurt!

Simply my mindset in prison, time was the only thing that changed. Not I


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