A real man; solid, secure, and absolute
Unpredictable ,adept, and highly acute.

A real man takes pride and his judgement is precise.
He’s decisive, knows exactly what he want and what he likes.

A real man loves deep and he loves hard,
He isn’t shallow and knows when to let down his guard.

A real man is a GOD; a protector of his possessions,
He’s never brutal or violent, he maintains his aggression.

A real man is gentle but never weak,
He is prominent, profound, and complete.

A real man takes care of his other half,
They are inseparable; there is no subtraction in his kind of math!

A real man keeps his door cracked but never wide open,
He is clever, witty, and his preeminence is very potent.

A real man rears wealth, never receding or lacking,
He demands respect, or he’ll send your ass packing.

Be a real woman to your real man and don’t mess it up for nothing in the world,
Real men are rare, and hard to find like a precious pearl. ❤


*** I didn’t load an image of a man because finding a perfect image for this type of poem is impossible. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed.


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