Let’s just get to the point here. If you have a criminal record in you reside in the state of South Carolina, you’re screwed. fortunately, if you’re anything like me; you may be fine. Being self reliant and a self starter is the only way to survive in this world when the government has placed a label on you. no matter how kind and caring you are or how intelligent you may be, whatever mistakes you’ve made with the law aren’t forgiven and you have less than a 50% chance at gaining employment that could substantially increase your level of stability.

people always say it’s okay to make mistakes – bullshit! A mistake is like a point being taken away from your life. We are all “walking recorded data”! The law has gotten so power struct someone decided to keep record of each and every American life with the intention to control and “manage” the groups that the government created.

The groups are as follows:
homeless, poor, wealthy, rich, and criminals.

Each American has to be placed in one of these groups in order for the government to keep things at their preferred levels. There has to be a percentage of poor people, a percentage of wealthy people, and so on. BUT WHY?????

There is a wide range of reasons but the ultimate goal is CONTROL!

Unfortunately, I am one of the ones that has to live with this injustice. First of all, no one looks at WHY the person did what they did. I can understand the government when it comes to major charges like Murder, child abuse, etc, but there should be some type of chart or whatever they need to base their judgement on our futures. Every job that I’ve ever applied for, I had to make a decision on whether to lie or tell the truth about my past.

As you can see, hopefully, that I’m a fairly intelligent woman with goals. However, my record has me stuck in a dead end job that ONLY/BARELY pays my bills. There are no advancement opportunities and your coworkers treat you like crap. The only one that can take initiative is me! I’ve been labeled and placed in the Criminal Category. In this category you can’t really be trusted. If you’re on probation, you aren’t even allowed to vote. I thought voting was a human right, but I see the government has made it a privilege.

Another point to be made is, anytime you give your social security number you’re giving up all of your life to whomever you gave your social to. The employer, teacher, doctor, etcetera are people just like you and I. Why trust them? Companies do background checks, credit inquiries, and some even check your medical records without your permission. Nowadays, most people doesn’t monitor their credit history so they wouldn’t know about the inquiries anyway. With that being said, people like me aren’t given a reason for disqualification. It’s just a simple, NO.


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