“Childhood Deprivation”{Story}



KID: Thoughts, Actions, Consequences

I was troubled as a kid. However, my troubles were silent. I didn’t have/expose a “well-known” mental disorder such as retardation, ADHD, Schizophrenic, or Bipolar Disorder. It started off as an attention thing. Some where in this damn brain of mine, I craved attention. I didn’t just need it; at that time in my life – I lived for it. ATTENTION–that word is more powerful than you may think. If you’re getting plenty of attention then you may not understand.

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2 Beautiful Women

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a true friend is what we all want and desire
Someone that is positive and will keep you inspired

A true friend tells you when you’re wrong and doesn’t lie to kick it,
Tells you that dress is ugly and ask why the hell did you pick it

A true friend brings you up when you’ve reached rock bottom,
They find the pieces to the puzzle when you just can’t spot em’

A true friend has your back through it all, no matter what
y’all will go to war together and fight til the Sun come up.

a true friend is so much more than words can describe
They can ease away the pain better than pills that were prescribed.

a true friend will knock you down when your pride is too high
they build you back up with pristine insight

A true friend won’t fill you up with bull hoping you believe it
they will forever remain true and loyal – and never act like just an acquaintance!

a true friend doesn’t advertise your secrets or broadcast your biz
They will hold them deep down forever even through a cris-is!

a true friend is always there, you can’t beat that with a stick,
you don’t need glasses to see them cause they’re the ones you’re sitting here with.

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Lacey C Riley




I hate being alone but it’s a necessary task
You get to be first priority instead of always being last.
You’re forced to deal with your true self when you’re all alone
You open up new things that’s been left unknown.
You’re left to face raw emotions that crawl around in your mind
But you can’t take it, so you find things to occupy you’re time.
Being alone brings peace and serenity
instead we stay busy, doing things constantly.
Take this time to get to know yourself
Because at the end of the day, all you have is you, nothing else.
Being alone is not so bad
Cause one day we’ll have to face ourselves; and I hope it not our last.
You can learn so much from being alone
Like how to to interpret your deceitful thoughts that makes you so cold.
I hate being alone but we must deal with it, with FAITH,
nothing is guaranteed but as long as we protect ourselves, we’re bound to be safe


Have you ever sat down with thoughts in your mind and don’t know what they are?

Stuck quietly in a gaze deep and far.
Unable to explain exactly how you feel
As if you’ve lost touch with what’s fake and what’s real

When you’re hurt it feels good and when you feel good it hurts
when you really think about, it sounds absurd.

Despite the absurdity, that’s how I really, truly feel,
I feel like my mind is over crowded headed for overkill.

Sometimes I feel several emotions all at once
Not knowing which ones to keep and which ones to plunge.

At times I feel so alone in this head of mine, like no one feels the same way that I do,
questioning my sanity continuously as if my mind is askew.

Do we even know if we are awake or asleep?
Can we decipher an illusion from what we really believe?
I feel all these things but really I don’t know what it all means

I depend on these emotions, maybe it’s time to be weaned
Live and let go is the best route to take,
Empty my mind and free my spirit to relieve this heartache.


Lacey C Riley

“Friend-Less” Part II


Sad, lonely, confused, but STRONG!

Photo courtesy of: http://www.healthyblackwoman.com/what-happens-to-adult-black-women-who-suffered-abuse-before-age-11/

After the hurt from the dealer mentioned in part one, I still didn’t learn a clear lesson. I still searched for friends everywhere. I kept reaching out to females for friendship but as quick as it started-it ended. Some were lost because I wasn’t interested in anything that they had to talk about. I wasn’t into men, especially after dealing with the last one. I wasn’t interested in shopping, hair, nails, makeup, or anything they had in mind. I tried being friends with older women but they tried to turn me out. Let me give you a more detailed description of what being “Turned Out” means.

I met this lady at McDonald’s-we both were employed there. During the time that I worked at McDonald’s, I was having some serious issues with my marriage. My ex husband and I were very violent towards each other. So due to my situation at home, I was making plans to leave my home to get away from that toxic relationship.

Over time, I started chilling with the female that I mentioned previously. I would go over her house and try to talk to her about my problems, but she was always trying to find some gangster or drug dealer to hook me up with. She would do my hair in ways that I wouldn’t normally style it. She didn’t like any of my clothes-so she changed that too.

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