“Childhood Deprivation”{Story}



KID: Thoughts, Actions, Consequences

I was troubled as a kid. However, my troubles were silent. I didn’t have/expose a “well-known” mental disorder such as retardation, ADHD, Schizophrenic, or Bipolar Disorder. It started off as an attention thing. Some where in this damn brain of mine, I craved attention. I didn’t just need it; at that time in my life – I lived for it. ATTENTION–that word is more powerful than you may think. If you’re getting plenty of attention then you may not understand.

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I hate being alone but it’s a necessary task
You get to be first priority instead of always being last.
You’re forced to deal with your true self when you’re all alone
You open up new things that’s been left unknown.
You’re left to face raw emotions that crawl around in your mind
But you can’t take it, so you find things to occupy you’re time.
Being alone brings peace and serenity
instead we stay busy, doing things constantly.
Take this time to get to know yourself
Because at the end of the day, all you have is you, nothing else.
Being alone is not so bad
Cause one day we’ll have to face ourselves; and I hope it not our last.
You can learn so much from being alone
Like how to to interpret your deceitful thoughts that makes you so cold.
I hate being alone but we must deal with it, with FAITH,
nothing is guaranteed but as long as we protect ourselves, we’re bound to be safe