Metaphorically speaking: A Ladybug With No Spots?


Real picture taken by me in Greer, SC

How often do you see a real ladybug with no spots? Not very often I would guess, but this is actually my first time.


Taken by me, spotless ladybug and ant

The ladybug is alone with a little pest in its face. No similarities in sight. Where is his family? Where are his friends? This ladybug is similar to me in so many ways!


Seems so unimportant but very significant

I’m a spotless ladybug, I’m independent and as we’ve stated before, I’m friendless. I’ve been living in the State of South Carolina for 8 years with no family in sight. All of my family is located in Detroit, Michigan. I feel alone a lot in this world. I’m one of the ones that wants happiness and equality. I can honestly say I’m one of the good ones. I still help people, with no ulterior motive. Nowadays you have to give, and give a lot to receive anything. No one is friendly anymore either! If you’re friendly, you’ll get a label from society as being a whore, flirtatious, or talkative. Labels & Categories is how we describe each other today. If you’re smart, you’re a nerd, if you like sex, you’re nympho. Einstein was a genius but labeled him as “crazy” because he understand things that no one else could comprehend.

I am “weird” myself, I love to talk, I love to write, and I love words. I’m extremely observant, as you can see, I spotted a spotless ladybug. I have an ability to “over-analyze” anyone and anything. I pay close attention to details about everything. I like to pick bumps, they have way too much control over my skin. When I see a bump I just have to help it release those disgusting fluids that hide underneath.

Yes, I’m a spotless ladybug because who in this world thinks like me? My mind gets loads of overtime. Anyway, this precious ladybug spiked my interest and made me feel more welcome in this world. Call it what you want. But that ladybug will prosper, and so will I……. spotless-not like the rest-stomp to my own MUSIC- I’M A LEADER-WHILE THE REST OF THE WORLD MARCH IN UNISON.



Lacey C Riley