2 Beautiful Women

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a true friend is what we all want and desire
Someone that is positive and will keep you inspired

A true friend tells you when you’re wrong and doesn’t lie to kick it,
Tells you that dress is ugly and ask why the hell did you pick it

A true friend brings you up when you’ve reached rock bottom,
They find the pieces to the puzzle when you just can’t spot em’

A true friend has your back through it all, no matter what
y’all will go to war together and fight til the Sun come up.

a true friend is so much more than words can describe
They can ease away the pain better than pills that were prescribed.

a true friend will knock you down when your pride is too high
they build you back up with pristine insight

A true friend won’t fill you up with bull hoping you believe it
they will forever remain true and loyal – and never act like just an acquaintance!

a true friend doesn’t advertise your secrets or broadcast your biz
They will hold them deep down forever even through a cris-is!

a true friend is always there, you can’t beat that with a stick,
you don’t need glasses to see them cause they’re the ones you’re sitting here with.

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Lacey C Riley


5 thoughts on “THE WAY I ENVISION IT —×

  1. laceycriley says:

    Thanks for all the love


  2. TruLovExists says:

    A true friend, never allows you to feel alone and neither would they ever make you question is you have a true friend.


  3. TruLovExists says:

    Reblogged this on TruLovExists and commented:
    The definition of a a True Friend. In case you ever had to ask or was ever left wondering.


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